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Operations Control Specialist

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Operations Control Specialist

For Helicopter Air Ambulance – Initial (80 Hours) and Recurrent (40 Hours)

Being able to effectively identify and mitigate risk in real time is of paramount importance for Helicopter Air Ambulance operations. The Operations Control Specialist (OCS) for Helicopter Air Ambulance (Initial) course provides students with the many skills and techniques required to serve in the operational control support role.

Our real-world approach includes practical and interesting instruction, and provides students with exceptional context to pair with their technical training. Among the variety of topics presented, the OCS course focuses on Aviation Weather and Helicopter Systems and Performance. With in-depth training in Crew Resource Management and the special emphasis on aeronautical decision-making, your Operations Control Specialists will ensure that safety is always the top priority in your operations.

  • Aviation Weather
  • Navigation
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Communication
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aircraft Limitations and Performance
  • Aviation Policy and Regulation
  • Human Factors/Crew Resource Management
  • Local Flying Area Orientation
  • Examination

OCS is compliant with FAR §135.619 and Advisory Circulars 120-96A and 135-14B.