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Night Vision Goggles Training

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Night Vision Goggles Training

Advanced Flight Simulation Tools
As a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of full flight simulators and other advanced-technology training devices, FlightSafety offers an environment conducive to superior and efficient instruction. Customers utilize training devices with the highest fidelity and realism, which are used to create any condition night vision goggle (NVG) operators may encounter. Programmed precisely to fit training needs, our Level D full flight simulators can recreate moist air and ground fog for coastal locations; windy, dusty conditions for mountainous or desert locations; and snow and rain to fit specific locales.

Simulation Reduces Training Costs
Full flight simulators allow flexible training schedules, during day or night, without weather or aircraft issues. Visuals can be switched to replicate multiple locations, without wasting flight time in transit. Per hour, simulator training is less expensive than flight time.