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IAI Astra, Westwind

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IAI Astra, Westwind

Professional Pilot and Technician Training Programs
FlightSafety offers comprehensive, professional training on Astra and Westwind aircraft. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors, advanced-technology flight simulators and integrated training systems help ensure proficiency and safety. Astra and Westwind training is available at the FlightSafety Learning Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

Innovation With One Purpose: Training Corporate Aviation Professionals for Safety and Proficiency
FlightSafety International is the world’s leading aviation training organization. The leader in experience. The leader in technological innovation. The leader in global reach. FlightSafety serves the world’s aviation community providing total aviation training for pilots, maintenance technicians and other aviation professionals. We serve business, commercial, general and military aviation with training for virtually all fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. We live, breathe and ThinkSafety.

Experienced Instructors, Superior Training Technology
The Wilmington, Delaware, Learning Center offers business aviation pilots and maintenance technicians of Astra/Westwind aircraft the resources to achieve proficiency and safety.


IAI Astra, Westwind Training Program Highlights

  • FlightSafety has been training on the Westwind and Astra line of aircraft since their debut.
  • FlightSafety holds exclusive training rights for the Astra.
  • Translators are available for training in languages other than English.
  • Astra/Westwind instructors, proficient in Quality Management Systems (QMS), bring a variety of backgrounds and experience to your training.
  • Our Westwind simulator can be configured with GNS or Universal avionics.
  • We offer our exclusive and prestigious Master Technician training for the Astra/G100 at our Dallas Learning Center. The Master Technician program provides technicians with career development paths through advanced skill instruction that is recognized throughout the industry as the pinnacle of type-specific training.