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FlightSafety Academy and Airbus

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First Officer Training That Fulfills Your Airline’s Needs

Answering the Pilot Shortage
As worldwide leaders in professional flight training, FlightSafety International and Airbus offer their combined experience and expertise to provide an integrated training solution to help airlines meet their needs for pilots. This joint training solution is designed for first officer candidates. Candidates progress seamlessly through the three phases of professional training: initial single- and multi-engine certification, orientation to jet operations, and, finally, type rating on a commercial jetliner.

Foundation for Success
The ab initio training begins at FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. Over its impressive 50-year history, FlightSafety Academy has provided the same high-level training to more than 21,000 pilots who joined 62 airlines and more than 100 corporate flight departments in every corner of the industry. FlightSafety Academy graduates earn their private pilot license, multi-engine rating, instrument rating, and commercial/multi-engine certification after only 44 weeks. As fully qualified pilots, they are equipped with the solid foundation necessary to start their flight crew training on Airbus aircraft.

Training by Airbus takes place at its Miami Training Center location, where students can join the course at entry level training and multi-crew cockpit training, moving on to perform type rating training on Airbus aircraft. Skill-building continues on training devices simulating the A320, A330, A340 and A350 aircraft.

Through FlightSafety and Training by Airbus, program graduates will be ready to assume the right seat on the flight deck, fully assisting your captains with safety always at the forefront. With a pool of fully qualified first officers your airline can commence operation of your jets on the day of delivery. The Airbus program offers additional Ops training beyond type rating, providing opportunities for students to further their training, including a command course to allow pilots to upgrade to captain.