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Corporate Scheduler-Dispatcher

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Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher

5 Days

Schedulers and dispatchers in corporate flight departments contribute to efficient and safe operations. FlightSafety International offers specialized training to partner in that mission. Our practical, interesting, real-world approach results in usable knowledge and clear understanding of the subject matter. Most of the course content is often not addressed during on-the-job training, so such a training opportunity provides an excellent supplement to internal training.

Subjects are presented with orientation toward how each affects daily flight operations from a scheduler/dispatcher’s perspective including common terminology, acronyms and abbreviations. An interactive, engaging learning experience results in valuable, relevant knowledge and practices that can improve any flight department’s professionalism, efficiency, and safety.

Subject Areas:

  • The Scheduling Function
    – Basic crew and aircraft scheduling
    – Federal Aviation Regulations (U.S.)
  •  Basic Principles of Weather
    – Basic atmosphere theory
    – Aviation weather hazards
    – Weather reports and forecasts
  • Flight Planning
    – Aeronautical data (navigation planning, airport information)
    – Route selection, time and fuel calculations
  • Aircraft Performance
    – Basic principles of flight
    – Weight and balance theory and calculations
    – Performance considerations
  • Aircraft Utilization
    – Utilization variables
    – Maximizing utilization
  • Flight Simulator Demonstration*
    – Experience a pilot perspective
    – Effective immersion learning

*Optional and subject to availability. This “ride along” observation demonstration in a state-of-the-art, full motion flight simulator aids in a better understanding of flight operations and performance limitations typical of modern aircraft.

Flight Operations Training Course

2 Days

FlightSafety’s Flight Operations Training Course for corporate flight departments enhances and upgrades the schedulers knowledge and skills. This course includes The Scheduling Function, Aircraft Capacity Utilization and Flight Operation Management subject areas.

Schedulers will benefit by improving on existing scheduling techniques, insight into principles and procedures corporate flight departments, and utilization of crew services and customer relations. Also discussed are keys to building and maintaining better working relationships and other internal and external groups.

This is an excellent recurrent training opportunity. Although prior initial training is not a prerequisite, some experience is assumed and beneficial.

Subject Areas:

  • Federal Aviation Regulations (U.S.)
  • Airplane Specifications/Utilization
  • Flight Department Structure/Resources
  • Flight Operation Manual
  • FBO (Fixed Base Operators)
  • Passenger loading/handling Techniques
  • Trip Planning
  • Scheduling techniques/Principles
  • Crew Scheduling/Crew Services
  • Maintenance Department
  • Corporate Travel
  • Disaster Response Plans

Online Courses for Schedulers and DispatchersOnline Courses for Schedulers and DispatchersFlightSafety offers many relevant courses for schedulers and dispatchers, including online training. To see our selection, please visit

Comments from Past Clients:

  •  “Thank you for a great, practical-approach to a wide range of subjects.”
  • “12 years of experience, still learned a lot; Refreshing and worth every minute.”
  •  “First year on the job; Made my work more meaningful.”
  • “Brand new to the department; Great unintimidating course.”
  • “Instructor presented subjects in an easy-to-understand way. Thanks.”
  • “Course has already improved scheduler-pilot and scheduler-client communication.”