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Corporate Cabin Attendant Training

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Corporate Cabin Attendant Training

Comprehensive Training for Professional Cabin Attendants and Cabin Crewmembers
FlightSafety International delivers the in-depth, professional cabin attendant crewmember training you’d expect from the world leader in aviation training. Some of the industry’s most experienced instructors lead courses at Learning Centers in Dallas, Texas; Long Beach, California; Paris-Le Bourget, France; Savannah, Georgia; and Teterboro, New Jersey. Initial and recurrent training provide a combination of interactive classroom instruction and hands-on experience, producing crewmembers who confidently demonstrate proficiency in every aspect of their responsibilities.

Technologically Enhanced Training
Through scenario-based exercises in the classroom and in specialized training devices, cabin attendants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently manage any situation, routine or emergency. Full-scale corporate cabin trainers – with smoke and audio capabilities – simulate a lifelike cabin environment, providing optimum conditions for integrated safety and service training scenarios. These trainers include FAA-accepted emergency exits and other interior features specific to many popular business jets.

Experienced Instructors, Superior Training Technology
Cabin attendants gain valuable firefighting experience in an aircraft-cabin fire trainer, a fuselage-shaped structure designed to place participants in a setting that replicates the confined space of the aircraft and the intense challenges associated with fire and smoke in the cabin. We conduct water landing and sea survival training in a swimming pool, using life vests and rafts similar to those typically installed on corporate jets.