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Sikorsky S-70i BLACK HAWK

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Serving Government and Military Crewmembers Worldwide

FlightSafety and Sikorsky Team Up to Deliver Three Decades of Training Leadership
FlightSafety offers pilot and maintenance technician training for the complete line of BLACK HAWK helicopters. Contact Us Share Prev Next FlightSafety International is a world-leading supplier of mission-critical training programs, proven advanced-technology training devices, classroom training equipment and specialized devices designed to ensure the safety and proficiency of government and military aircraft crewmembers. As the factory-authorized training provider for Sikorsky for more than 30 years, we offer type-specific pilot and maintenance technician training for the complete line of BLACK HAWK helicopters. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors, simulators qualified to the highest standards, production aircraft maintenance trainers and computer MATRIX-integrated training systems help ensure proficiency and safety.

FlightSafety offers BLACK HAWK pilot and maintenance technician training.

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Sikorsky S-70i BLACK HAWK Training Program Highlights

  • We provide factory-authorized training for the complete line of BLACK HAWK helicopters at our Learning Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Our Sikorsky S-70™ Multi Model full flight simulator is qualified to the equivalent of Level D by Sikorsky.
  • FlightSafety and Sikorsky work together to ensure that crewmembers receive the most current and highest-quality training using the latest technical information and service bulletins.
  • Training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of government agencies. This includes customized development of courses and devices for crewmember and maintenance technician training.
  • Our highly experienced instructors are dedicated to enhancing aviation safety. They are recognized for their professionalism, knowledge and instructional skills and have the ability to effectively present complex aircraft systems and operating procedures.
  • Our courseware designers and engineers translate the software code used to control the flight simulators into training curriculums, programs and course materials. They are responsible for the design, development and distribution of training materials and to ensure they are delivered according to Customer requirements, aircraft manufacturer’s specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Our simulator replicates the exact flying characteristics of the aircraft. It is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art features, including the new VITAL 1100 visual system; CrewView all-glass mirror; 60-inch electric motion and control loading and new advanced cueing system.
  • Maintenance training programs at our West Palm Beach Learning Center offer a full range of hands-on courses that feature aircraft maintenance trainers, specialized tools and a state-of-the-art composite repair lab. Interactive training makes up nearly 50 percent of the instruction in many Sikorsky maintenance technician courses. The use of official Sikorsky manuals ensures that training closely replicates the tools and resources available to technicians in the field.
  • We deliver BLACK HAWK maintenance programs that include initial and update training, plus advanced programs such as electrical/AFCS/stabilator, flight control rigging and hydraulics systems. Training incorporates a complete range of mock-ups plus a full-scale maintenance trainer.


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