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FlightSafety Platinum

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FlightSafety Platinum

Unparalleled Benefits and Personalized Service
FlightSafety Platinum provides unmatched training services, customization and many other exclusive and valuable benefits. Platinum takes your training to the highest level – and beyond. Benefit from highly customized evidence-based training scenarios for your flight department, based on your specific needs. Further personalize training with your choice of the finest instructors in the industry, at your preferred selection of Learning Centers. Train on your timetable with advanced and premium course scheduling. Take advantage of unrivaled platforms for your flight department’s professional growth and development, through personalized leadership, business, interpersonal skills, management and mentoring programs.

The Pinnacle of Training Services
FlightSafety Platinum gives unmatched access to the enhanced level of training, services and benefits that your flight department requires. You’ll become a trusted member of an advisory board, meeting with FlightSafety leadership to shape future safety-enhancing products and services. With Platinum service, our instructors can fly with your pilots in your aircraft, or be members of their crew during the flight. To fully utilize our vast instructional resources, Platinum provides additional eLearning and LiveLearning courses each year at no cost. No program surpasses Platinum’s comprehensive scope and dedication to enhancing safety. We offer Platinum for one reason: You deserve our very best.

Full Service Provides A Solid Foundation
Our exclusive Full Service program serves as the foundation for premium Customers to enjoy the broadest range of training advantages and proficiency-enhancing offerings. As part of FlightSafety Platinum, Customers enjoy access to all of these Full Service benefits, including:

Train to Proficiency No additional cost for extra simulator time when available.
Multiple Training Sessions Additional recurrent training on primary aircraft at no extra charge.
Multiple Aircraft Training Recurrent training on second aircraft at no extra charge.
Reduced Cost on Third Aircraft Initial or recurrent one-time training on a third aircraft at 50 percent cost.
Proficiency Protection Maintain skills when between jobs with no-charge recurrent training.
Insurance Discounts Access preferred insurance rates through many carriers.